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American Gods

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Starz's American Gods is based on the Hugo and Nebula award winning novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman.

Gods and myths are given form as people believe in them, but what happens when the new gods of technology and modern society replace them? A secret war is coming.

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Episode Discussions

  • 01 - The Bone Orchard [TV / Book]
  • 02 - The Secret of Spoons [TV / Book]
  • 03 - Head Full of Snow [TV / Book]
  • 04 - Git Gone [TV / Book]
  • 05 - Lemon Scented You [TV / Book]
  • 06 - A Murder of Gods [TV / Book]
  • 07 - A Prayer for Mad Sweeney [TV / Book]
  • 08 - Come to Jesus [TV / Book]

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