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Welcome to amiiboSwap

>Read the Wiki > >Submit a trade in the US > >Submit a trade in Canada > >I'm not in the US or Canada > >Request points for a completed trade > >Official trading community of /r/amiibo!


>All post titles must follow the mandatory format > >"[Country] [H] amiibo A [W] amiibo B" > >1. ONE new thread every 5 Days! > >2. NO: Buying/Selling! > >3. NO: Preorders/Orders in transit/Offering to buy in store! > >4. NO: Begging. > >5. NO: Sniping. Snipe? > >6. NO: Thread-crapping. Thread-crap?


>What Can I Trade Here? > >Request your points/flair here! > >Questions? Message the Mods! > >Disclaimer! > >Safe Swapping Tips > >Think You Were Scammed? Click Here! > >Recommended Swap Order > >Mandatory Posting Format.

Staying Safe

>DO NOT accept offers via PMs - Banned Users Can Still Browse & PM! > >ALWAYS Check /r/BadKarma! > >ALWAYS Use Tracking! > >ALWAYS Exchange pictures!

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