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Anime Music Videos

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Video Filters

How to use filters and flairs

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  1. All posts must be related to AMVs.
  2. Only videos which have anime, manga or clearly anime-inspired animation as sources are considered AMV. Mixed source videos must have less then 25% of non-AMV material.
  3. Minimal level of video editing is needed for video to be considered as an AMV. Low-quality and low-effort videos with no or very little video editing will be removed.
  4. If posting video that is not yours, include main author in the title. Refrain from using click-bait titles such as "Best AMV ever", "Must see!" or "95% will cry".
  5. Use Spoiler and NSFW tags where appropriate. Flairing your post is not enforced, but highly recommended, and clearly wrong flairs will be punished. For more information see this post
  6. Reposting is allowed, but only after 3 or more months have passed from the original post.
  7. No spam
  8. Follow Reddiquette

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