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Themes, mods, backgrounds and setups for Android

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Please [tag] your post before submitting! Thanks!
This is an artistic-focused subreddit! We will not remove your post (low quality posts excluded), but we ask that you put some effort into your setup.

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1) No posting .apks

  • We can't verify the safety of loose .apks, so we cannot allow them

2) Don't spam.

  • Excessive posting or posting with an agenda is strictly forbidden.
    • It's OK to be a redditor with a website, it's NOT OK to be a website with a reddit account.

3) No foul language or low effort comments.

  • Provide constructive criticism.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

4) No Apple hate or flamewars

  • We're here to theme our phones the way we like 'em!

5) Post your resources!

  • It is REQUIRED to post resources used when you made your theme. This means "ingredients" like icon packs, wallpapers, widget packs, fonts. OC KWGT/KLWP/Zooper files are "products", not resources, and are to be shared at creator's discretion. You have 2 hours from the time of submission to post your resources in a top-level comment.

6) No low effort/low quality posts.

  • This is an artistic subreddit, take your time, put some effort in your setup.

7) All submissions MUST use a valid [TAG] in the title of the post.

  • Valid tags include: [Theme] [Icons] [Wallpapers] [Contest] [WIP] [Help] [Discussion]

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