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/r/angelsbaseball - subreddit for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Angels baseball fansite (/r/angelsbaseball)

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Upcoming Games

|Date|Time|Teams || |:---:|:--:|:---:|:--:| 21 Jul|7:05pm|Baltimore at LA Angels 22 Jul|7:05pm|Baltimore at LA Angels 23 Jul|7:05pm|Baltimore at LA Angels 24 Jul|7:05pm|Detroit at LA Angels 25 Jul|7:05pm|Detroit at LA Angels 26 Jul|6:05pm|Detroit at LA Angels 27 Jul|12:35pm|Detroit at LA Angels 29 Jul|4:05pm|LA Angels at Baltimore 30 Jul|4:05pm|LA Angels at Baltimore 31 Jul|4:05pm|LA Angels at Baltimore 1 Aug|4:10pm|LA Angels at Tampa Bay 2 Aug|4:10pm|LA Angels at Tampa Bay 3 Aug|10:40am|LA Angels at Tampa Bay 4 Aug|7:10pm|LA Angels at LA Dodgers 5 Aug|7:10pm|LA Angels at LA Dodgers 6 Aug|7:05pm|LA Dodgers at LA Angels 7 Aug|7:05pm|LA Dodgers at LA Angels 8 Aug|7:05pm|Boston at LA Angels 9 Aug|6:05pm|Boston at LA Angels 10 Aug|12:35pm|Boston at LA Angels 12 Aug|7:05pm|Philadelphia at LA Angels 13 Aug|7:05pm|Philadelphia at LA Angels 15 Aug|5:05pm|LA Angels at Texas 16 Aug|5:05pm|LA Angels at Texas 17 Aug|12:05pm|LA Angels at Texas 18 Aug|4:10pm|LA Angels at Boston 19 Aug|4:10pm|LA Angels at Boston

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