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angry! Or should I say... ANGRY?!

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This is a safe space for venting, complaining, whinging, and sympathy.


  1. Don't be an asshole. No bigotry of any sort. No slurs. Basic shit. This will get you banned immediately. (If you see this, along with reporting it PLEASE message the mods so we get a notification!)

  2. Don't call out specific people. This obviously includes Reddit's rules against doxxing (no names, phone numbers, facebook profiles, or anything of the sort), but also no references to Reddit / other site usernames. This is a place to vent, not to pick a fight.

  3. If you disagree with OP, don't pick a fight in the comments. If the post breaks the rules, report it and send us a mod mail. If you disagree, you can voice that in the thread, but don't insult / antagonize the OP.

  4. Inflammatory titles are allowed, but don't use /r/angry as your soap box.

Report spam as you see it. If your submission does not show up in the new queue, send a mod mail, and the mods will try and unstick it. Don't repost it!! This makes the spam filter angrier.

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