News, Shorts, and Everything Else in the World of Animation

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News, shorts, and everything else in the world of animation.

Submission Rules

  1. Please post videos directly from source (official website, youtube, vimeo, etc.), if a blog post adds nothing of value to the content, it is not worth submitting.
  2. Links must be categorized with a flair right after you submit them. If you do not give your post a proper link flair it will be automatically removed.
  3. Any submission that help animators improve their skills are allowed.
  4. Looking for an animator? Please treat your submission like a job posting and include necessary details. No free offers allowed.
  5. No links to lazy online petitions. Meaning no action is going to be taken beyond collecting signatures or likes.
  6. No spoilers in titles and please tag your submission as [SPOILERS] if it contains any. [Spoiler.](#s "Tag spoilers in comment like this")
  7. One post per 36 hours Do not spam us everyday with your back catalog. Quality is better than quantity. Break this rule and you will be disciplined.



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