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Welcome to /r/animation

Submission Rules

  1. Source your Videos Please post videos directly from source* (official website, youtube, vimeo, etc.), if a blog post adds nothing of value to the content, it is not worth submitting.

  2. Flair your posts Links must be categorized with a flair* right after you submit them. If you do not give your post a proper link flair it will be automatically removed.

  3. Any Improvement Posts are ok *Any submission that help animators improve their skills are allowed.

  4. Looking for an animator? *Please treat your submission like a job posting and include necessary details. No free offers allowed.

  5. No links to lazy online petitions *Meaning no action is going to be taken beyond collecting signatures or likes.

  6. No spoilers in titles *Please tag your submission as [SPOILERS] if it contains any. [Spoiler.](#s "Tag spoilers in comment like this")

  7. One post per 36 hours *Do not spam us everyday with your back catalogue. Quality is better than quantity.

  8. Keep all simple questions to the "No Stupid Questions" threads. *However, if your question generates discussion, go ahead and post it by itself

  9. Follow Reddit's Self Promotion Guidelines *When posting your own content, please be mindful of reddit's self promotion guidelines

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