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Are you trying to sell something you think other Weeabros might like? Looking for an awesome, random gift for someone? Want to trade collector items?

This is the place!

No unfair time limits, fees, or commissions! Buy/Sell/Trade/Give with the folks here on Reddit!

A helpful acronym key:

IAS - I Am Selling

IWB - I Want to Buy

IWT - I Want to Trade

OBO - Or Best Offer

FOC - Free Of Charge


  1. DO NOT SPAM!!!! This is for individuals who are looking to sell personal items. This is not intended to be a business venture. If you make things as a hobby and wish to sell them, that's fine, but please don't get all spammy! Moderators will ban anyone found to be abusing this subreddit.

  2. Buy/Sell at your own risk! This is a new idea, so for the time being, use your best judgement before selling or buying anything.

  3. Adult items are fine, please just add a NSFW tag in the title. Body pillows and hentai count as adult items.

  4. When a successful transaction has been made, please delete your post to help keep the subreddit clean.

  5. Bartering is acceptable, if not encouraged! Make offers, throw out numbers, you might come out on top!

  6. We're working on making tags that will verify trusted buyers/sellers once they've completed a successful transaction. As of now, message a moderator and we will add a generic tag to your username. Something fancier will come about soon enough. (This is on the doing and willing to share of /r/iamselling)

  7. Put your state/region in the title. Base it off your willingness to ship. If you live in New York City or London, Put NYC Metro Area or London Metro Area. If shipping is practical and you are willing to ship nation wide, put USA or UK, etc. Be sure to include specifics in your post.

**New ideas/tips are always encouraged**

Thanks, /r/iamselling for this ruleset

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