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Anime Legwear

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  1. Content must include legwear (socks, thigh-highs, tights and other things that hug legs!). As a general rule, thigh-high posts with most of the legwear cropped out don't belong here.

  2. Please include the source material in the title inside [square brackets]; use [Original] for characters not from an established series.

  3. Select a link-flair description to tag your image's legwear (e.g., Tights, Over-the-knee, etc.). If 2 kinds or not listed, choose Other and change it to what they both are. If more than 2, pick Various.

  4. Please credit the artist & the original source (pixiv, twitter, Nicovideo, etc.) in the comments of your post. Tools like SauceNao and IQDB are helpful in locating the source and the highest resolutions.

  5. Pantsu and nudity are allowed as long as they are tasteful, all nudity and any visible pantsu must be marked NSFW. The sub is about things that cover skin, remember that when posting! When in doubt, mark it NSFW~

  6. Make sure your source allows hotlinking, most boorus do not, so please rehost on Redditbooru or Imgur!

  7. No reposts within 6 months or from the top 200 allowed! Check for reposts here. Only 4 posts per day, and up to 12 images per album.

  8. Please avoid spoilers in the posts and comments. If the image contains spoilers please mark it using the "spoiler" feature on the post.

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