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/r/animemusic - For all your anime music needs!

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This subreddit is for lovers of Japanese music and any music from anime.

Feel free to post openings, endings, vocal covers, instrumental covers, band covers, OST music, character songs, AMVs (with anime music). It can be an extremely popular song or a hidden gem in an anime. Whatever it is, we'd love to hear it!

If you are requesting suggestions for songs because you don't know where to start, you should post in the sticky thread. Self posts are for discussions and song identification.

/R/AnimeMusic in General

Helpful guide at getting started with anime music and what makes this category so enjoyable.

A quick-reference chart for those looking for quality anime soundtracks



  • Format should look like this:

Artist - Song Name - Anime it's featured in - any other thoughts should be placed here

ex: Heart of Air - Blue Flow - Haibane Renmei (those feels!)

  • When posting, please include AT LEAST song title and anime. If the song is not from an anime, please add the artist or composer to the title as they must of Japanese origin or production.

  • No nightcore. Nightcore songs will be removed.

  • AMVs are fine as long as they adhere to the rules above. AMVs that don't feature music from anime or Japanese artists will be removed.

  • Rules when submitting self posts

  • Self posts are now reserved for discussions, song identification, and general thoughts on anime music. (eg. What do you think Hiroyuki Sawano's greatest works are? / Best songs from Madoka Magica?)

  • Please use the sticky thread if you want to request "songs that sound like <link>?" or "Who's the singer?" or "What song is this?".

  • If you are requesting songs, say some of the songs that you currently like so others can help you find songs similar!

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