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Post screencaps from anime and manga that are not intended to be funny but are, when taken out of context.

Check the search before posting

Type 'source OR flair:source' in the search box above the submit button to see if your submission has already been posted.


  1. No more than 3 reposts; no reposting any post younger than 3 months and no reposting anything among the first 333 submissions on top/all-time.
  2. Screencaps from Seitokai Yakuindomo, Shimoneta, and Keijo!!!!!!!! will be removed as almost any scene can be taken out of context.
  3. Translation errors and edited subtitles are not out-of-context. Please do not post them here.
  4. Image macros and rage comics are banned as they can deteriorate a sub over time.
  5. Is the post completely self-explanatory? If it is, post it on /r/animefunny instead.
  6. Add the source of the anime/manga screencap between square brackets in the post title.
  7. No ad hominems or threats.


  • [Spoiler](/s "Spoiler Text") Spoiler
  • A post where the title is just the source in brackets is better than a post where the title is the punchline.
  • If you want posts that break the above rules to be removed, either:
    • Complain in the comments about how the mods are doing a shitty job, which does not change anything
    • Make it easier for us to spot rule breaking posts by reporting them
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  • If you made it this far (and even if you haven't, I guess), feel free to check out our wiki.

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Also affiliated with /r/animefunny for submissions that break rule #5! Also totally not affiliated with /r/FauxHentai.

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