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Confused as to what Anonymous is? See our handy FAQ!

This subreddit is for Anonymous News and Articles aggregation. It is not for the planning and execution of operations.

Reddit's Content Policy is strictly enforced in this subreddit:

  • Absolutely no illegal posts or requests

  • Absolutely no personal information. Posted or linked.

  • Absolutely no spam. This includes blogspam.

Breaking a reddit-wide rule results in a non-negotiable permanent ban from this subreddit, and you may be reported to reddit admins at our discretion.

Subreddit Specific Rules

  • Legality Clause: No promotion of illegal activity of any sort. Breaking this rule results in a non-negotiable permanent ban.

  • Click Trap Clause: No URL shorteners. All URL shortened submissions will be removed. Malicious links will result in a non-negotiable permanent ban

  • Personal Army Clause: No posts related to individual agendas or personal targets. Posts promoting a witch hunt will be deleted and users banned at discretion.

  • Derailment Clause: Keep your posts nominally relevant to Anonymous or Anon-culture. Irrelevant posts may be deleted at discretion.

  • Edge Relief: corny ass platitudes, proliferation of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and political grandstanding are cause for removal, bans, and/or general shaming at the discretion of the moderators. This especially goes for your shit cheerleading and shit music.

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