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For those who would like to share their story.

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The Idea

At /r/anonymouspals you have an opportunity to penpal in an unique way. The idea would be to e-mail/send a letter to each other anonymously maybe once a week/fortnight. The catch will be that the e-mails/letters you send will be your own, completely inharmonious with one another. Therefore it wouldn't be so much a conversation between one another but more akin to reading someone's own life story. It seems quite counter-intuitive when seeking a pen'pal', however I'd liken it the same as growing an attachment to a character in a novel.


Usually in normal circumstances you can often speak your mind or tell your story to family/friends/strangers. However naturally people perceive this as something that needs to be reciprocated - usually misjudged as someone seeking advice. However some people just want to tell their story. The charm of this penpal system is that it allows you to do exactly that.

As charmingly put to me:

>"It's like writing a diary but knowing someone will be laughing when you write a clever joke, crying when you write about your loss, and secretly judging you when you get heated over petty things.

>It's like listening to someone talk to them self and making comments that they can't hear. You'll be frustrated that your advice is unheard but it'll be so satisfying to watch them finally come to a conclusion on their own.

>You likened it to a novel. After a while we could flip through the emails/letters and look at it as a chronicle, watching our protagonist grow or decline in real time."

Rules and suggestions

[] For those who decide to write one another, home addresses must be only sent via pm and not published in your thread.

[] We'd advise those who post a contact e-mail in their thread to use a throwaway one as we cannot be responsible for who you will receive mail from.

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