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Anthropomorphic Art and Media

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A subreddit for the sharing, appreciation, and discussion of anthropomorphic art.

  • Give credit where credit is due and don't post plagiarized/copyrighted material. Linking to an artist's gallery or Patreon in the first comment is encouraged.
  • Please post only art, writing, and media. No fandom/convention news or self posts about fandom-related topics. For that, try /r/furry.
  • Refrain from advertising commissions, Patreons, or goods/services for sale in posts. Linking to your own gallery, journals, Patreon, or Etsy in the first comment is okay.
  • Any posts involving nudity or violence MUST be tagged as NSFW. Sexually explicit material is not allowed. Violations will be removed and the submitting user warned.
  • Don't hotlink to never works. Imgur is a much better bet.
  • Play nice and respect other users. Violators will be given a swift peck on the head followed by a permanent ban.

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