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The place for any and all anti-folk music

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Welcome to /r/antifolk. Feel free to post songs, discussions, articles, questions or anything involving antifolk music and antifolk artists.

Antifolk is more of a scene than it is a genre. That means it's really hard to pinpoint what exactly antifolk is. Sometimes it's a singer and a guitar. Other times it is a full band with orchestration. Sometimes there's overlap between different genres and antifolk (for example, folk punk). So don't be afraid to post anything you think is antifolk or has a similar vibe. For more information on the music and antifolk artists you can click here. News on anti-folk artists and festivals available here.

Song post titles should be in the following format: Artist - Song title [extra info, like genre]

ex. Adam Green - Drugs

If you don't follow the format, no big deal, I'm probably not going to delete it or some shit. Like those anal-retentive assholes at /r/Music.

If your posts don't show up in the subreddit after you post them, there's a chance they got caught in the spam filter. Send me (/u/istillusedialup) a message and I'll approve it. The spam filter's a bitch, it used to censor me too, before I got re-modded.

If you know the bandcamp or website for the artist you are posting, feel free to add a link in the comments of your post! This subreddit believes in supporting the artists when reasonable and possible! Few are getting rich making antifolk music, so support helps keep the scene alive.

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