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Welcome to the Anti-Computer Forensics subreddit!

Hello, friend. Are you afraid the government is gonna go off the deepend and start knock random doors down checking all of your computers? Are you an activist fighting to preserve our human-rights from being walked all over? Afraid of the TSA asking you to open up your computer and spread your cheeks? Well this is the place for you to learn how to give your self just a bit more privacy.

Relevant topics:

  • Data hiding

  • Encryption

  • Steganography

  • Data obfuscation

  • Forensic booby-traps

  • Data wiping

  • Obscuring attack techniques

  • Trail obfuscation

  • Even anti-anti-forensics is welcome here!

Enjoy your stay. Contribution is greatly appreciate from anyone!

Remember: Anti-forensics is not a confession of illegal activities.

Knowledge is power.

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