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All about application programming interfaces

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We're only accepting text posts as an experiment.


  1. Content must be about APIs. Beyond that, fair game. Submit articles, API documentation pages, or questions.

  2. Provide details in your submission. Links to articles should come with a brief description of what the article's about and why you think it's interesting. Links to APIs should be submitted with a short summary of what the API does and how it makes the user's life easier/better/fuller/longer. Requests for help should be detailed enough that others can at least get started down the right path in helping you.

Submissions that are simply a link and nothing else will be removed indiscriminately.

  1. Please tag correctly. Although your post will not be removed due to a lack of tags, it will help users scan the front page for posts.
  2. [ARTICLE] -- For articles, discussions, and the like.
  3. [API] -- API documentation or homepage.
  4. [HELP] -- Requests for assistance.

Any submission not covered by these categories should be submitted without tags.

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