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AR15 links, discussion, and related info

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Welcome to /r/AR15! Here for your favorite black gun links, build photos, questions and other tactical or practical info.

> ###Click Here for the Wiki Page

>Where you can find DIY, FAQ, and more!

> ###Subreddit Rules

> 1. All posts and comments are to be civil. Don't be a jackass.

> 2. Images, videos, and links require a descriptive comment. Don't just show us your build, tell us about it. Memes are heavily discouraged.

> 3. Politics and News posts require moderator pre-approval and are limited to legislation with direct impact on the AR15 platform.

> 4. No firearm related transactions.

> 5. Please avoid linking to any third-party vendors. Given recent events, we don't want to run any risks with this community.

> ### Remember Firearm Safety

> Everyone is a Range Safety Officer, if it seems unsafe call it for a cease fire!

> Treat all firearm as if it were loaded. Never point a firearm at anything you're not willing to destroy. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to shoot. Know your target and what lies beyond.

>In addition:

> Ensure the weapon is safe to fire, a gunsmith is cheaper than a hospital visit. Only use the ammunition type stamped on the barrel or listed in the user manual. Wear eye and ear protection. Alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, and firearms are never a good combination. Do not mix! * Keep weapons out of the reach of children, criminals, and other prohibited persons - it is your responsibility to protect your firearms!

> ###Related Subreddits

> /r/RetroAR /r/300BLK /r/68SPC /r/AK47 /r/gundeals /r/tacticalgear

> ###Suicide and Guns

>Suicide is a serious problem all around the world. If you or someone you know is considering suicide please help them. There are many resources available for veterans and civilians alike. Don't let yourself or another fall to suicide.

> Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website or call them at 1-800-273-8255

>For international help please visit's Hotline Finder to get in touch with the assistance available to you in your country.

>You can make all the difference in someone's life.

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