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| Rule | | Description | |:------ |---|:--------------- | | 1. Be civil | | Don't use personal attacks or engage in racism, sexism, sectarianism, or any other form of prejudice. Check your petty patriotism at the door. Incivility will be removed, and depending on the severity, may result in an immediate ban. Posting someone's personal information invites an automatic ban. | 2. Keep submissions relevant | | Before posting, please consider if your submission wouldn't be better suited for /r/Islam or /r/Israel, for example. For help learning Arabic, use /r/learn_arabic; for identifying a song or other paraphernalia, use /r/arabic and for translations, use /r/translator. | 3. No political news articles... | | ...except in the Friday megathread. This is not a news site like Aljazeera. Commentary articles on political events and editorial opinion pieces are much more valuable. | 4. Do not editorialize titles | | | 5. Repost policy: | | Do not repost any links that have been posted within the last year. However, if you wish to bring up a topic for discussion, use the search function and the frequent topics page first. If your topic hasn't been been brought up in the last six months, go ahead and post it. | 6. No gifs, memes, or liveleak videos | | Except in comments. | 7. Don't derail threads | | Please try and stay relevant and on-topic. There is no reason to have every thread side-tracked by fruitless Arab-Israeli arguments and similar pointless squabbles. Irrelevant threads may be removed. | 8. Cross-post only useful content here | | Posting insightful comments from places like /r/depthhub and /r/AskHistorians is worthwhile; posting inane and racist ones from /r/worldnews is not.

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