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Sorry, I stuttered.

Want to start watching the Monogatari Series, but don't know where to start? Check out this wiki page.

This board is for the discussion, analysis, and/or parody of the Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, and following related series, including, but not limited to the light novels, anime, or manga of said series. Images, fan-art, videos, figures, collections, music, and self-posts all relating to the Monogatari Series are allowed and encouraged!

Did you get that? head tilt

Spoiler Tags

Just type:

[spoiler](#s "Sorry, I stuttered.")

and you will get: spoiler

  • Make sure to specify what you are spoiling!
  • Please do not put spoilers in the title.
  • Please make sure to tag all possible spoilers, including images.
  • Make sure to tag posts that contain spoilers and add the relevant spoiler flair.
  • If you are unsure if something is a spoiler, tag it as a spoiler!


  1. Please make sure to mark all spoilers and possible spoilers. Do not put spoilers in the post title.
  2. No linking to or explicitly mentioning illegal streams or downloads. *
  3. Please flair posts with the proper tag.
  4. Recommendation threads are allowed only as self posts.
  5. All posts must be directly related to the Monogatari Series. Any unrelated and/or low effort posts will be removed. Post titles must be somewhat descriptive.
  6. Please try and source fan art, videos, music, collections, screenshots, etc.
  7. Tag all NSFW posts as NSFW. Use your judgement as to what is/isn't NSFW.
  8. Be nice. Unnecessary, rude, vulgar, or frivolous comments may be removed.

Be sure to report all issues to mods. Message us directly for anything!

* Please read the wiki if you need more information!

Discussions Schedule

This table may be updated weekly. Please remember to check it out!

Part|Arc|Date|Discussion ----|---|----|---------- Part One|Koyomi Vamp: Tekketsu|2/25 - 3/10| Link Part Two|Koyomi Vamp: Nekketsu|n/a|n/a Part Three|Koyomi Vamp: Reiketsu|n/a|n/a Full Table

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I watch Monogatari for free, legally?

Refer to the Wiki for links.

There are few places, but be aware that the entire series isn't available for free. Some of these may not be available in your country. Message the mods to add an official source for your country.

2. There are so many parts! Where do I start?

Check out this wiki page.

3. Where can I read the Monogatari Series light novels?

The novels are in the process of being officially translated to English. You can see the currently available ones on Vertical's website here.

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