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Welcome to r/arrow, a subreddit about the comic-book series on CW. Discuss anything and everything about the show here.

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Subreddit Rules
  • Rule 1: Any future content and any content aired within the past seven days are considered spoilers.
  • 1A: Titles of posts cannot contain spoilers.
  • 1B: If your post contains a spoiler, you must mark it as a spoiler using reddit's built in tag.
  • Rule 2: All titles must contain brackets at the start of a post regarding the context. This includes spoilers from other shows. Common examples Include: [Spoilers][Future Spoilers][Casting][Arrow Spoilers][Shitpost][S3E2 Spoilers][Question][Discussion][Comic]
  • Rule 3: Content completely unrelated to Arrow will be removed.
  • Rule 4: Any posts containing spam or links to illegal content (streams, websites, torrents, etc...) will be removed.
  • Rule 5: Any harmful, harassing, or derogatory comments will be removed.
  • Rule 6: Low effort or low quality posts are subject to removal at the mods' discretion.
  • Rule 7: Screenshots of unofficial social media accounts must have any identifying information censored (Username, profile pic etc.)
  • Rule 8: All submissions must be sourced if possible (fan art, pictures, news, etc..)
  • Rule 9: This is not a platform to advertise your YouTube channel/Blog (self promotion), and this should not be your primary reason for visiting this subreddit. Self promotion is allowed, however only once per week, and it must not be your primary contribution to the subreddit.
Spoiler Alert!

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> Do not put spoilers in the title of your posts!

> To tag a post containing spoilers, simply click the spoiler button after submitting your post.

> To make a spoiler comment use:

> [spoiler](#s "This is a spoiler.")

> Add the scope of the spoiler in the brackets. For example:

> "Pilot" spoiler

> To view the spoiler, simply hover your cursor over the text.

Episode Discussions

> S06E01 - 'Fallout'

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> S06E02 - 'Tribute'

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> S06E03 - 'Next of Kin'

> * live discussion - post

> S06E04 - 'Reversal'

> * live discussion - post

> Discussion Archive

> Talk DCTV in the DCTV Discord server!


> Watch the last 5 episodes at The CW


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