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Art to Cope

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Welcome to arttocope! This is a place for people to share any drawings, pieces of writing, music, and any other forms of expression that they have created in order to cope with what gets them down.

This sub reddit by nature deals with sensitive material. Please be aware of this while browsing!

Please post whatever you like--It's your creation and very personal. We only accept art made by the user who is posting it, do not post other people's works!

We have very few guidelines here, as it seems antithetical to put guidelines on an art forum. But in the spirit of this being art to cope, please do not post art created from blood or pictures of blatant self-harm. See discussion here For pictures of self-harm journals or other pictures of self harm, please direct yourself to /r/selfharmpics.

Self posts and link posts both accepted!

We encourage comments and discussion here, so please let the artist know if their work had an effect on you!

If you find any offensive, rude or malicious comments please don't hesitate to report them to the moderators. We try our best to moderate this subreddit but some things may be missed without your help. Repeat offenders or trolls will be banned.

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