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1.No Ad Hominem this includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. Violation of this rule may result in a ban, with or without warning.

2.No low effort posts, we are here for discussion and you should be too.

3.No low-value posts. We aren’t here to talk about how awesome Norwegian Black Metal is. Posts that don’t contain theological discussion will be removed.

3.1 Do not delete your thread just because you don't like the answers you get.

4.We aren’t here to play priest for you, dreams, Omens, and Familial lines do not belong.

5.Search First, and show it. Reference any threads that may have touched on but not answered your question or topic. If your post is covering the same topic as another post in the last 3 months, we will delete it.

6.Source your post. If you take a blog post off of a website, fb, or something tell us. No anonymous sources.

7.Flair your post appropriately. We have included flair for your benefit.

8.The mods are the final authority on the rules. No one likes a rules lawyer and this isn’t a democracy.

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