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Asian American Channel

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Anything related to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, as well as other Asians who grew up outside of Asia. This includes news, discussions, pictures, or videos that happen outside of America. While members of all races and nationalities are welcome, our purpose is to foster a sense of community among Asian Americans and their respective counterparts in the Asian diaspora.

Topics do not necessarily need to be related to race as long as they contribute to the community.

24/7 Chat

A user started a Discord server.

Link to the Discord chat HERE.

Full Disclaimer: No mods from here are active participants or moderators and we can't guarantee your anonymity or safety. Participate at your own risk.

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Rule Summary (Detailed rules here)

  • All posts should be conducive to quality discussion. This means
  • No name-calling or attacks of a personal nature
  • Speak for yourself, and not others
  • No trolls, bots, or spam
  • Stay on topic
  • Absolutely no shit-posting
  • We are an inclusive space. We will not tolerate any form of bigotry, including
  • sexism
  • racism (against anyone)
  • homophobia
  • victim-blaming
  • attacks on entire communities, including our "related subreddits" below
  • etc.

Content Restrictions

  • Linking to topics in other subreddits need to provide topic of conversation beyond venting. This isn't /r/SRS.
  • Linking to other subreddits must enforce No Participation.
  • No threads about dating/stereotypes about dating except on the biweekly Relationship, Sex, and Dating Thread
  • Research requests can be posted in the Friday Banter threads. Individual threads will be removed. If you're not sure whether your post is considered a research request, please message the mods.
  • Editorialized headlines (unless they provide clarity to the thread), are not allowed

Scheduled Theme Discussions

Relationships: Mondays, alternating
Career and School: Mondays, alternating

Fashion and Style: Wednesdays, rotating
Food: Wednesdays, rotating
Hobbies: Wednesdays, rotating
Media: Wednesdays, rotating

Banter: Fridays

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  • Please be mindful of Reddiquette.
  • Please use the report function

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