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AskPhilosophy: Philosophical answers to all sorts of questions

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Welcome! You ask questions; we provide answers. A great resource to check before you ask a question is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Check our list of frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been answered.

AskPhilosophy defines itself less by the sort of questions that are accepted than by the sort of answers they can expect to receive. Feel free to ask about topics you're studying in school, but please read about how to avoid plagiarism first.

We actively moderate the quality of comments to this subreddit. We require that especially top-level responses to questions show familiarity with the question, and ideally that they make reference to the existing literature on that topic.

If you plan to comment regularly, you must request flair. Comments (not questions) posted by users without flair will be looked on with suspicion.

Want to be a panelist? Have questions about what that means? Start here.

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Voting guidelines:

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  2. Answers citing established traditions
  3. Answers explaining current trends
  4. Novel questions
  5. Requests for help with school work
  6. "Test my theory" style questions
  7. Personal opinions as answers
  8. Rhetorical questions
  9. Dismissive answers
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