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Questions and answers about pickup and seduction. (Especially beginner questions, or questions about specific situations.)

Field reports and other field-tested contributions should be posted to seddit.

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The Seduction Subreddits

Where it all started


For any and all questions (especially for beginners)


For lesbian/bi/... girls pursuing women


For straight/bi/... girls pursuing men



  • AFC = Average Frustrated Chump

  • AMOG = Alpha Male Of the Group (or competition in general)

  • ASD = Anti-slut Defense (Woman backs off after taking it too far in public)

  • DHV = Demonstration of Higher Value

  • FRAME = Context of perceived events or environment

  • HB = Hot Babe

  • IOI = Indicator of interest

  • Kino = To touch or be touched

  • LJBF = Lets Just Be Friends

  • LMR = Last Minute Resistance (Woman resists having sex at the last minute)

  • LTR = Long Term Relationship

  • NEG = backhanded compliment

  • SARGE = to pick up women

  • SET = group of people in a social situation

  • SPINNING PLATES = having more than one girl on the wire.

  • AA = Approach Anxiety

  • FR = Field Report (a description regarding your PU experience).

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