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The Callipygian reddit

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> * Don't spam. This includes obnoxious watermarks, link spam in imgur albums, etc. You will be immediately banned for this. This also includes flooding the sub w/ content.

> * Do not post from the Top 25 of All Time on this sub

> * This sub reddit is for natural and artistic images of female bottoms. No pornographic images, and no altered/photoshopped images.

> * Posts or links to pornography, penetration or gaping of any kind will be removed. This includes solo/dildo content.

> * Posts or links to any image or video that includes male genitalia will be removed and will result in a ban.

> * GW content is only acceptable if you are the subject. Do not post others' material. No creep shots.

> * Please report posts that violate the rules to continue keeping this the classy place it is.

> * "Dat" is not a word. Don't use it. "Squats & Thicc" are also banned.

> * Emojis are not considered titles. If your post contains just an emoji and/or an emoji and a single word like "Wow", it will be removed. Also a gender tag and an emoji, do not constitute a title.

> * Links to social media will result in a ban, period, no questions. No links in the titles, embedded in the pictures, or in the picture comments (gyfcat/imgur/etc).

> * Sellers are allowed to post content here but they are only allowed to link back to their sub through the comments and nothing more. Ex: Come check out the stuff on /r/mysub. Any other attempt to gain followers directly through this sub will result in a ban.

> * Users that ask to rate their content or ask what we will do with them and people that ask for PMs, will get their content removed. Posts that ask us to rate, what do we think, what would we do, how do these look, have we ever, should you, can you tell, help me, spank me, fuck me, who doesn't like, does anyone, have I been, have you been, etc... Basically clickbait titles will be removed. Save that stuff for /r/Gonewild after you have been verified. There are plenty of people over their to give you attention.

> * If we can not verify your sex, and you have no verified posts, then your content will be removed.

> * Ladies that post content, remove it and repost it at a "better time", will not get their content approved. In fact your new posts will prob get removed. Fishing for a good post will result in them being removed.

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