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When Assholes Design Things

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For when the designers know exactly what they're doing... but they don't care because they're assholes.

This is a subreddit for designs specifically crafted to make the experience worse for the user. This can be due to greed, apathy, laziness or just downright scumbaggery.

Also check out /r/Clickshaming and /r/AntiAssholeDesign


R1: Posts Must Abide by Hanlon's Razor. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Posts in violation of this rule may be appropriate for /r/crappydesign, /r/softwaregore, /r/NotMyJob, /r/MildlyInfuriating, /r/Wellthatsucks/, or /r/ExpectationvsReality

R2: No, It's Not Literal. "haha it's, like, an actual asshole in /r/AssholeDesi"—STOP! You're not being clever. The joke is dead. Violation of this rule will lead to an immediate ban.

R3: Don't be Subtle. Please make it obvious what you’re trying to highlight. A clear and concise post title can go a long way.

If we remove your post for this, we either don't know what we're supposed to be seeing here or aren't sure how it's malicious.

R4: Be Civil. We’re here to make fun of assholes; don’t act like one.

R5: No Recent Reposts. Six months is our cooldown limit. Also applies to any posts on our Banned Reposts album.

R6: No Witch-Hunts. We don't care what other subreddits do. No brigading! Don't call out individuals, but corporations are fair game.

R7: Screenshots > Direct Links. Screenshots are forever. Please do not link directly to examples of Asshole Design. Linking to news articles about asshole design, resources, and the like is okay.

R8: Posts must display aspects of design.

R9: No low effort content. This rule will be enforced loosely in order to preserve the image of the subreddit.


G1: We're not limited to programming. Asshole design goes beyond the computer screen. Some of our best posts have been from non-technical stuff.

G2: You can post positive things, too! Informational videos demonstrating malicious techniques, resources for combating assholedesign, etc. are all completely acceptable.

G3: Satire and Lampshade Hanging is acceptable if tagged appropriately. *Satire is ridicule of asshole design techniques, and should be tagged under the "Satire" flair. Lampshade Hanging is subversion of asshole design techniques and should be tagged under "Lampshading".

G4: Bots & novelty accounts are subject to arbitrary bans. Some users have issued concerns regarding certain bots and their use as a constructive part of Reddit. Some bots might be banned, others may be allowed to stay. This rule will be enforced on a case-by case basis.

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