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Amateur Astrophotography

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Welcome to /r/astrophotography | New? Don't forget to read the rules! | Check out the Public Data thread. | User equipment threads: 2015, May 2016, Nov 2016.

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  • Rule 1:
    Images must be of real astronomical objects or phenomena only. Terrestrial man-made objects and people are not to be included in the image. Terrain should be unintrusive and cropped to the best of your ability to avoid excess landscape. Images which violate this rule will be removed at moderator discretion and possibly without warning/explanation.
  • Rule 2:
    Posts can only be images that you have captured and processed, or discussion about capturing or processing your own images.
  • Rule 3:
    Links to blogs, articles or external websites should be interesting and promote discussion about astrophotography. Posts of this type that do not encourage discussion will be removed.
  • Rule 4:
    *Image posts are to link directly to the image, not to landing pages (AstroBin and Imgur, however, are allowed), personal galleries, or professional sites. Submissions that link to professional photography sites, or gallery/feed based services or pages are not allowed. is also no longer allowed.
  • Rule 5:
    All submitted images MUST include acquisition AND processing details as a top-level comment. All posts without this information will be given a warning, and if not corrected will be removed.
  • Rule 6:
    Unless you have done a drastic alteration or reprocessing of a prior submission, you may not repost your edit. Adding data, completely reprocessing, or making changes that have a major effect on the image will qualify it to be reposted as an update. A period of one week must pass before you make any repost of a similar image. Additionally, all 'accolade' type posts (publications/etc) should be contained in a self-post.
  • Rule 7:
    All posts must contain the name of the subject in the image, and karma-bait titles are not allowed. Posts with these infractions will be subject to the discretion of a moderator for a warning or removal. See this page for more details.
  • Rule 8:
    Since we are an amateur astrophotography subreddit, we'd like all images must be taken with amateur equipment. Therefore, we are no longer allowing images acquired by professional equipment or professional services. Data should be captured using equipment which you own.
  • Further explanations:
    If you do not understand any of the rules, please see this page on the wiki for further explanation and full descriptions. If you still don't understand, please PM a moderator or ask one in our Discord chat.
  • Posting etiquette:
    Please follow rediquette to the best of your ability - please keep discussion on topic and treat each other with respect. Keep general questions in the weekly sticky. Try to keep memes and politics off the sub.
    This subreddit encourages and welcomes constructive criticism of images. If you think an OP can improve in any way please don't be shy and speak up!

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