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Audio: hardware, software, headphones, and music

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Welcome to r/audio.

Feel free to post your questions, show off your setups, and more. Follow the rules and everyone will have a good time. We encourage the use of specialty subreddits when appropriate and will refer you when we feel your post would be better suited.

Use the 'Report' button to flag comments and posts not in line with redditquette or subreddit rules.


  • /r/AVexchange - Sell or Trade AV equipment
  • /r/AVrequests - Looking for that rare equipment? See if someone has one to sell!

Audio/Video Discussion Subreddits:

  • /r/audiophile - Audio quality and reproduction in all forms.
  • /r/Bluetooth_Speakers - Sub dedicated to Bluetooth Speakers and related hardware
  • /r/budgetaudiophile - Audio quality and reproduction in cheap forms.
  • /r/headphones - Headphones and Portable Audio
  • /r/hometheater - Home Theater, Multi-Channel Systems, and TVs and Video
  • /r/DIYsound - Want to build your own speakers/amps? Here
  • /r/avporn - Photos of Audio and Video Gear
  • /r/livesound - Subreddit focused on live sound/audio
  • /r/LocationSound - Dedicated to Recording sound, on location
  • /r/MixClub - Mixing with the intention to practice, learn and share techniques
  • /r/AudioPost - Post Production audio for TV, Games and Video
  • /r/CarAV - For Car Audio and Video
  • /r/Sonos - Help with the streaming hardware
  • /r/SoundSystem - Large-scale Sound Systems
  • /r/vsti - Virtual Instruments and Effects
  • /r/Zeos - Brand new to audio and want to know what is what? Start here.


  • Don’t be a dick. - If someone posts something you don’t agree with, don’t belittle, start a discussion. If you have nothing nice to say, move on, don’t say it. Follow the rules of Reddit, and observe reddiquette.

  • Avoid Self Promotion for profit. - Posts should be made to inform or facilitate discussion. Any posts with the intent to self-promote, enter contests or sweepstakes, sell products or services, or are appeals for money / funding will most likely be removed.

  • No piracy or distribution of copyrighted content. - No piracy or distribution of copyrighted content... Duh

  • No Click-bait, "snake-oil" or unverified theories - Posting “snake-oil” products or theories will be removed. Also, Clickbait and Clickbait formatted titles

  • No solicitation of services. - If you are looking for someone to do some work for you, or if you yourself are looking for work, there are other subreddits in which you could post.

  • There may be a better subreddit for your post - For example, if you have a question about car audio, try posting in r/carav.

  • DETAILS MATTER - Use detail in your post. If you are posing for help with specific hardware, please post the brand/model. If you need help troubleshooting, post what you have done, post the hardware/software you are using, post the steps to recreate the problem. Don’t post a screenshot with no context and expect people to know what you are talking about.

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