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Audio: hardware, software, headphones, and music

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  • /r/AVexchange - Sell or Trade AV equipment
  • /r/AVrequests - Looking for that rare equipment? See if someone has one to sell!

Audio/Video Discussion Subreddits:

  • /r/audiophile - Audio quality and reproduction in all forms.
  • /r/budgetaudiophile - Audio quality and reproduction in cheap forms.
  • /r/headphones - Headphones and Portable Audio
  • /r/hometheater - Home Theater, Multi-Channel Systems, and TVs and Video
  • /r/DIYsound - Want to build your own speakers/amps? Here
  • /r/avporn - Photos of Audio and Video Gear
  • /r/livesound - Subreddit focused on live sound/audio
  • /r/LocationSound - Dedicated to Recording sound, on location
  • /r/MixClub - Mixing with the intention to practice, learn and share techniques
  • /r/AudioPost - Post Production audio for TV, Games and Video
  • /r/CarAV - For Car Audio and Video
  • /r/Sonos - Help with the streaming hardware
  • /r/SoundSystem - Large-scale Sound Systems
  • /r/vsti - Virtual Instruments and Effects
  • /r/Zeos - Brand new to audio and want to know what is what? Start here.

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