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audio engineering

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products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio

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Subreddit Rules

See the subreddit rules wiki page for a complete listing of rules. This is the condensed version;

  • Posts should be made to inform or facilitate discussion. Any post with the intent to self-promote, enter contests or sweepstakes, sell products or services, or are appeals for money / funding will most likely be removed.

  • NO MEMES. This type of content should be posted in /r/AudioMemes.

  • "What should I buy?" and "listen to my audio" type inquiries should be posted in the appropriate Daily Sticky Post.

  • ALL gear-related questions should be asked in the appropriate weekly thread. All other gear discussion should be in the proper subreddit (i.e., "Guitars" or "Microphones" etc).

For this topic | use :- | :- pictures of text aka MEMES | /r/Audiomemes audio service swap | /r/postaudio sound for live events | /r/LiveSound sound for picture | /r/AudioPost and /r/LocationSound critique of audio work | /r/RateMyAudio Build it yourself | /r/diysound and /r/diytubes music collaboration | /r/MusicInTheMaking Plug-ins | /r/VSTi DAW specific posts | /r/ProTools /r/Ableton /r/AdobeAudition /r/Cakewalk /r/Cubase /r/FL_Studio /r/Logic_Studio /r/Reaper /r/StudioOne /r/reasoners computer builds | /r/buildapc/ or /r/suggestalaptop or /r/hackintosh gear recommendations | the weekly Gear Recommendation post or /r/AudioProductionDeals answers to common questions like "what mic?" "which interface?" and "which school or program?"| Search the subreddit and/or check the FAQ, the Gear Guide, and the Getting Started Guide for Schools and Internships Want to chat? | AudioEngineering IRC Channel or try the Reddit Audio IRC Channel

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