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/r/audiophile - all about quality audio, gear, and reviews

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• audio·phile - a person with love for, affinity towards or obsession with high-quality playback of sound and music.

/r/audiophile is a forum for discussion of the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and size. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts.


  1. All requests that solicit product opinion or asks for purchase advice must be posted in our daily sticky purchase help thread
  2. Be most excellent towards your fellow redditors
  3. Headphones? Use /r/headphones - all headphone-related content is removed
  4. Need tech support? Use the tech support sticky
  5. No affiliate links, or linking to affiliate link farms
  6. No buying or selling of equipment - use /r/avexchange instead
  7. Keep content work/family-friendly
  8. Absolutely no links to "pirated" music or videos.
  9. Follow the rules of Reddit, and observe reddiquette

One final rule: All content in /r/audiophile should be related to audio quality in some form. Moderators reserve the right to delete posts that don't treat or discuss audio quality as a primary objective of a post.

Read the rules in full here.

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If you made a post to /r/audiophile that is in accordance with our rules as listed above, and it doesn't seem to appear on the front page, please message the moderators.

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Moderators may at their discretion remove content that fits better in one of the above subreddits.


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