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Autism news, information and support. Please feel free to submit articles to enhance the knowledge, acceptance, understanding and research of Autism and ASD.

Please refrain from using slang or derogatory words to describe a condition, symptom, diagnosis or treatment that is negative and hurtful. Your post will be removed and could lead to you being banned. Please review Reddiquette when needed. If you report a post or user please message the moderators to explain

Please don't continuously submit to your/a personal site or channel. This is blog spam. Submissions will be deleted and could lead to a ban after warnings. It is acceptable to introduce the community to your site. Steer clear of continuing to do this over a period of time.


Harmful pseudo-scientific cures and posts will not be allowed and the user will be banned. Legitimate health articles with proven scientific research will be allowed.

Anti- vaccination articles will not be allowed. No scientific information has yet to prove this. The user will be banned and the post removed.

Please consider when posting images of children or young adults, the internet is forever. Its helpful to consider consent to the person you are posting the image of.

No self promoting without mod approvel. The post will be removed and the user banned.

No Autism Speaks talk. Post will be removed and the user banned. A majority in this /r/ do not like the organization. Autism is not a "disease". Wiki here - Reddit post here , a blog post here , a nice image to send to friends here

Images, videos, or even blog posts which contain identifiable information will be removed and user will be banned and the post removed.

Over submissions to the same site will be removed and the user will be banned.

No donations. Period. This includes GoFundMe and any other donation drive. User will be banned and the post removed.

We can't diagnose you. Post will be removed.

Ad hominem and other distracting attacks do not add anything to the conversation and will be removed and the user banned. Try to remember it might not be what you say, but how you say it.

If you want to do an AMA please do it in /r/IAmA or /r/casualiama. There are more people who will see it there and it would probably do more to increase awareness over there but feel free to link to it here.

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