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Its /r/aves!

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Created in the same vein as /r/festivals, this is a subreddit for everyone to find and announce raves/warehouse parties/shows/whatever, as well as general discussion of electronic music and everything else that comes from the electronic scene itself. Welcome to /r/aves. Enjoy!

  • All genres are welcome. All events from any place on Earth are encouraged.

  • "it's not raves, it's /r/"aves", like avenues for music." -msfeldstein

  • Looking for events? Have a calendar!

  • listen to

  • No sex or drug solicitation in aves.

  • No discussion of Fake ID's/Sneaking In

  • Please do not post personal info here

  • This is not a place to promote your mixes

  • Be kind and respectful to other users. Being a dick/trolling will result in a ban.

  • Ticket sales/trades/giveaways are only allowed in the sticky thread

  • This isn't the place to advertise your product.

  • be educated, check out r/MDMA and rollsafe

  • r/aves discord chat

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