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A place to gather for those who have awakened to who they are

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About this Subreddit

This is an online community dedicated to discussing what leads up to a fundamental shift in perspective, commonly called "awakening", the recognition itself and what follows thereafter.

What is awakening?

Awakening is something that is difficult to define because it’s characterized more by what is missing rather than what is gained. One might say that it describes a realization of Truth recognized beyond the need for belief.

While there are as many descriptions as there are perspectives, most agree that they fall short of the realization itself—a recognition so profound that it shakes the very bedrock of one’s understanding of the world and oneself.

Post Guidelines

When posting, please try to keep these things in mind:

  • Try to speak from your own experiences rather than repeating dogma/ideology.
  • Recognize that everyone is at their own unique place; the same answer is not always helpful or relevant in every instance.
  • There are no stupid questions but we favor supportive, mindful, thought-provoking responses.
  • Please follow the rules.

Slack Community

The community also has an unofficial (i.e., not moderated by us) Slack community for asynchronous chat with free mobile and desktop apps.

To join, PM /u/WhatHearsThisSound or /u/sovereign_self with your email address.

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