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Because sometimes everything is just awful

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Here at /r/awfuleverything we collect and share the most awful of everything. We pride ourselves in gathering the most ratchet, trashy and just mind boggling self shots of people thinking they 'look good'.

We want to collect and celebrate the awfulness, right here!


If you do not like the content, ignore it. If you don't think it qualifies as awful-looking, downvote it. Do not report it simply because you don't like it.

You're free to mock people, just don't doxx or harass them.

We'll remove photos of you if you ask us to do so.

Blur out any personal or identifying information in the post. Reddit usernames don't count.

Don't post minors. This rule will be enforced at the mods' discretion.

This subreddit stands for free speech.

Further information regarding the rules.

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