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Because sometimes everything is just awful

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Official mascot, Hatchet Face! Because, damn. Courtesy of /u/alambbb

Here at /r/awfuleverything we strive to collect and share the most awful of everything. Birthed from the loins of /r/awfuleyebrows we pride ourselves in gathering the most ratchet, trashy and just mind boggling self shots of people thinking they 'look good'.

There are people out there with more awfulness going on beyond their eyebrows. Horrible makeup, fake Marilyn moles, lipstick to lip ratio, sloppy lip liner, eyeliner disasters and more.. We want to collect and celebrate the awfulness, right here!.

Scour your FB feeds, your Instagrams and your Tumblr communities to find the awful everything's and post them right here for all to be see and use as a visual Life Pro Tip.


  • Harassing the OP is not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.

  • If you do not like the content, please feel free to downvote or simply message me directly linking the post in question and stating clearly as to why you feel like this is not a quality post and requires my review. **Reminder - When you report a post, PLEASE explain why you have chosen to do so in the comments - I do not read minds.

  • Always host the picture on Imgur. Why? Well, not only was it created by a fellow Redditor, /u/MrGrim, it is one of the biggest and most successful ad free web hosting sites in existence! If it is not, your post will be removed.

  • If a user is mocking the person in the picture for a physical aspect that the person cannot help, (such as genetic deformities, etc) the comment will be removed and you will be warned. Repeated violations will result in a ban. Remember that while we all enjoy a laugh at ourselves at our worst, they are real people in those pictures.

  • Any identifying information such as usernames or names must be removed from the screenshot. The picture will be deleted otherwise. No hate speech, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, or bigotry. Repeated actions will result in a ban.

  • ANY post that ignites the mob, no matter how popular by means of upvoting, will be removed and all parties will either incur a warning or banishment

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Avoid Awfulness

Ever worry you're slipping up? Maybe your new liner technique isn't playing out quite like you had planned? Brows gettin' fuzzy or over-plucked? Lip liner set to extra bold? Don't you worry! The following subs exist solely to keep us on track and looking our best!

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Know of or have another go-to sub for all your beauty tips and tricks? Shoot me a message! -I'd be happy to add it to the list!

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