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All moe, all the time.

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Home for cute drawn characters who need hugs.


  1. No NSFW posts. Please direct all posts which are more fanservicey than moe to /r/pantsu.

  2. Please include the name of the source anime in your title. If you forget, add it in link flair. Label characters not from an established franchise as [Original].
    Link to the artist's official portfolio page in a comment, or if there is none available, at least mention their name.
    IQDB ^(Firefox /) ^(Chrome addons) and SauceNao^( addons) are great for finding the franchise title and artist.

  3. Moe art of any variety is welcome.
    Is it Moe ? / Moe: Origins

  4. Use albums instead of making multiple similar posts. No more than four posts per 24-hour period, and no more than twelve pictures per album. No reposts within six months, or of anything ever that reached 1000+ score. Use dxprog's repost checker ^Firefox ^(/ Chrome add-ons.)

[Spoilers should be written like this.](/spoiler)
Spoilers should be written like this.

BREAKING NEWS: New Yuru Yuri OVA is coming!!! | Looking to watch some moe this season ? You should watch: Comic Girls and Uma Musume

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