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  1. No witch-hunting.
  2. No asking for donations, sponsorship or adoptions.
  3. No personal information.
  4. No captioned pictures, memes, or photos of just text.
  5. No comics or anime.
  6. Sex toys are not wtf and will be removed.
  7. 3d printed objects are neither aww nor wtf and will be removed.
  8. Tag posts that are NSFW as such.
  9. No flash eyes.
  10. No stories in the title, If you have a story post it in the comments.
  11. Posts and comments will be removed if they racist, sexist, vitriolic, or overly crude.
  12. Mods may remove anything they feel breaks these rules at their discretion.
  13. All links redirecting to reddit must have a np. at the beginning.

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