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A place to post dogs that look like they are wearing headscarves

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This is the place to post dogs wearing blankets, shirts, scarves, drapes, etc. on their heads!


  1. Only babushka/ushanka dogs!

a. No other animals are allowed. For cats, try /r/Babushkats.

b. The dog must have its head covered to be considered a babushka dog, or an ushanka dog. 2. Minimize human presence

Hands, legs and even torso are okay if someone's holding the dog or standing next to it. But please avoid posting selfies or full-body pics with the dog. 3. Don't repost

This is a place for original content, whenever possible, so any repost will be promptly removed. Check the top posts first if you still intend to submit a pic that isn't yours! 4. Link directly to the image/video

Avoid posting links to blogs or or websites. 6. Don't use this subrerddit to advertise

Your post will be promptly removed if it features any visible brand or commercial logo. Repeated offenses will be considered spam and might result in a ban.

If you try to sell stuff using this subreddit you will get an unappealable ban. 5. Don't be a jerk.

Do not post negative comments about a dog. If you don't like it, downvote and carry on. Please report any content that do not comply with these rules.

Other subreddits

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For dogs under sheets and covers visit /r/TuckedInPuppies.

/r/aww for cute pics in general.

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