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/r/BadMovies - Terribly Awesome Movies

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The absolute best of the worst. Post links or discussions of your favorite shitty movies.


1: DO NOT post links to movies that you didn't like (ie. "Inception was the worst movie because it was popular") and try not to post movies that are completely unwatchable with no redeeming value. This subreddit is dedicated to movies that are so bad, they're good.

2: If it's not on IMDB, don't post it. I'm sure there's a subreddit for your homemade youtube movies, but it isn't this one.

3: No "This" submissions. Please make your post title clear, addressing the movie, director, or topic of discussion that is the subject of your post. Elaborate on why you think the movie is bad. Posts simply stating a movie title will be removed.

4: If you know where the movie can be viewed please add the streaming service in brackets "[]" next to the name.

5: Please do not post direct links to torrents or downloads of copyrighted material (unless the link is to the Copyright Holder's official page/channel). If someone posts YouTube links where they've uploaded a movie and you feel that is a violation of YouTube's ToS, feel free to use the tools available to report them on YouTube's site. We are not equipped to determine who is and isn't a copyright holder.

6: No selling or advertising. If you are not contributing to the discussion of bad movies in some way, your post will be removed.

This subreddit is for obscure movies where things like bad special effects, ludicrous stories and terrible acting make them entertaining.

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