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badcode: a place where terrible code can be among friends

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>Post the most terrible code you can find. Copy code to a paste bin first (gist highly preferred).

>Most of us programmers have laughed quite a bit when we went back to look at our past code because it was rather terrible. This is a subreddit where you can share such terrible code and let other programmers have a nice laugh.

> ##Flair Search
> Search by language

> ##Rules

> Your post will be removed if you deviate from any of these rules. To see reasoning behind each of these rules, check out the wiki.

> + DO link to a paste bin. Images are OK too if the only thing of interest in the image is a snippet of code. > + DO add language flair to your post. Your post will be automatically removed by a bot if you do not do this. > + DO NOT put the name of the language inside of the post title. For example, DO NOT make your title something along the lines of "[C++] #defines everywhere!", instead try simply "#defines everywhere!". Use flair to mark the language of your post instead. > + DO post code snippets only. If you want to share the context put it in the comments or title. Try /r/programminghorror if all you have is a story. > + DO stay lighthearted. No abusive or targeted posts. We all write bad code, and a lot of it is hilarious. > + DO NOT identify who wrote the code. This sub is about bad code, not the people who write it. Exception: you can say you wrote it. > + DO NOT post snippets in esoteric languages. > + DO NOT post intentionally obfuscated code. Certain exceptions to this exist. See something particularly sinister from something like the IOCC? Probably OK to post.

> ##Guidelines

> Your post will not be removed because of any of these, we'll like you more if you follow them though. > > + Enable syntax highlighting appropriately. If you have a language that whatever paste bin your using doesn't support, try picking a similar dialect. > + Provide just enough code so that we know what's going on. Don't post huge snippets unless it's all terribly amusing. > + Explain why you think the code is bad in the comments, that way a discussion on good and bad ways to do what your code snippet does can start.

> ##Similar Subreddits

> + /r/programminghorror - stories about horrible programming.
> + /r/shittyprogramming - Q&A with shitty programmers. > + /r/deftruefalse - for intentionally bad code

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