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Wondering Wednesday 20-June: What historical beliefs do you have that you are well aware there's not enough evidence for to confirm?

/r/badhistory is a place to facepalm and discuss the particularly dire sorts of history that we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Although we primarily focus on Reddit, history from anywhere is welcome, whether it's from school, tv, books, real life conversations, movies, or anything else.

/r/badhistory is a place to equally learn, and have a good time, with both serious and silly topics!


Detailed Rules Found HERE!


Rule 1: Do not brigade other subreddits, encourage people to brigade other subreddits, or encourage other people to brigade /r/badhistory. Do not directly link to the bad history; screenshots or archive links only.

Rule 2: Do NOT discuss politics within 20 years. Posts and comments that contain soap-boxing or are pushing a specific ideology will be removed.

Rule 3: Obvious conspiracy theories should be posted to /r/TopMindsOfReddit.

Rule 4: Do NOT be an asshole. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Using slurs or hateful language in your comments or posts.
  • Calling for the deaths/advocating violence against a person, group, etc.
  • Malicious /u\/-summoning.
  • Circle-jerking over 'bad' subreddits for non-history related reasons.
  • Calling out the source subreddit in your post title.
  • Complaining that a post is too picky/pedantic/about fiction.
  • Post spoilers for new movies or series without surrounding them with spoiler tags.

Rule 5: Include a description of why your submission is bad history or your post will be removed. These are the minimum requirements for an acceptable R5:

  1. A quote from the person or group perpetrating the bad history. No link dumping allowed.
  2. A quote from an appropriate source directly refuting the bad history, or your own explanation of why the selected quote is bad history. Simply leaving a link and saying "here's the explanation" isn't enough. Quote the pertinent parts of the refutation in your post.

If you're taking on a bad historical claim from frequent offenders, the rebuttal needs to be more informative and expansive. If that's not possible, consider posting it in the weekly Small Bad History thread.

Sources for answers can come from a variety of places.

  • Wikipedia can be used for basic fact checking.
  • Books or documentaries can be used, as long as you source them.
  • Personal knowledge in the field. You may be asked to back it up.

Posts submitted without these bare minimum requirements will be removed until they're updated. If you lack these requirements, please consider posting in the weekly Small Bad History thread instead.

If you have a discussion question, please message the moderators about it first! We can incorporate it into Wondering Wednesday.

Rule 6: If you were involved in the discussion you wish to link, you must wait for the conversation to 'die' before posting.

Rule 7: No posting bad history found on /r/badhistory to /r/badhistory. Please leave any corrections in the comments!

Rule 8: Questions or requests are generally not allowed as posts. Please consider asking in /r/AskHistorians, the weekly Small Bad History thread, or in one of our free-for-all threads on Mondays and Fridays.

Note: this is not a hard and fast rule, because the mods will from time to time allow these to stand if they're interesting, topical, or it's a quiet week. That being said, as a rule, a post needs to debunk some bad history, so if you want to post something like this, ping the mods first.

/r/badhistory has a Wiki!

/u/NMW on second-option bias in history education.

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/r/badhistory Inside Jokes (All praise the Volcano and Edward's time machine)

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