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Wondering Wednesday, 22 March 2017: Tell us about the times you were the bad historian

Badhistory is a place to facepalm and discuss the particularly dire sorts of history that we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Although we primarily focus on Reddit, history from anywhere is welcome whether it's from school, tv, books, real life conversations, movies, or anything else.

Badhistory is a place to equally learn, and have a good time, with both serious and silly topics!


Detailed Rules Found HERE!


Rule 1: No voting in linked threads. Please use or else your post will be removed

Rule 2: Do NOT discuss politics within 20 years.

Rule 3: Obvious conspiracy theories should be posted to /r/topmindsofreddit.

Rule 4: Do NOT be an Asshole. No slurs or hateful language in your comments or posts. Do not maliciously \/u/summon people. Comments complaining that a post is too picky/pendant/about fiction, will be REMOVED.

Rule 5: Include a description of why your submission is bad history or your post will be removed. These are the minimum requirements for an acceptable R5:

  1. A quote from the person or group perpetrating the badhistory. No link dumping allowed.
  2. A quote from an appropriate source directly refuting the badhistory, or your own explanation of why the selected quote is badhistory. Simply leaving a link and saying "Here's the explanation" isn't enough. Quote the pertinent parts of the refutation in your post.

Sources for answers can come from a variety of places.

  • Wikipedia can be used for basic fact checking
  • Books or Documentaries, as long as your source them
  • Personal Knowledge in the field. You may be asked to back it up.

Posts submitted without these bare minimum requirements will be removed until they're updated.

If you have a discussion question, please message the moderators about it first! We can incorporate it into Wondering Wednesday.

Rule 6: If you were involved in the discussion you wish to link, You must wait for the conversation to 'die' before posting.

Rule 7: No posting badhistory found on /r/badhistory, to /r/badhistory. Please leave any corrections in the comments!

/r/BadHistory Wiki

/u/NMW on second-option bias in history education.

The /r/BadSubHub IRC (Follow the rules!)

/r/badhistory Inside Jokes (All praise the Volcano and Edward's time machine)

Cards Against History - The BadHistory CAH set

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