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Bad Linguistics: an untranslatable concept

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October Small Posts Thread

The repository for all the worst linguistics-related content of Reddit and the Internet.


  • R1: Do not make discriminatory or prejudiced posts or comments.

  • R2: Don't vote or comment in linked threads. It's against the rules of reddit.

  • R3: Don't submit threads you've posted in.

  • R4: The submitter must provide a top-level comment explanation of why something is badlinguistics when you post it. There is a six hour grace period, and the R4 must be by the original submitter. Explanations posted by other commenters are welcome, but do not fulfill this rule.

WE GOVERN BY THE PRINCIPLES. YOU ARE BOUND WITHIN THE PARAMETERS. Failure to follow the rules will end with the removal of your submission or comment and - at the moderator's discretion - a possible ban.

Posting guidelines:

  • No-one cares if someone is using a word strangely, or if their pronunciation of something is different.

  • Do not submit meta threads without mod approval.

  • There is a moratorium on "literally", "could care less", and 'untranslatable words' posts - don't post these.

  • Submissions must have a sufficient level of badlinguistics content - If there's not much content, it goes in the Small Posts Thread.

  • Don't submit just plainly ignorant posts: People can be ignorant, we know this, but someone just saying something stupid in one comment is not a good submission by itself. This isn't a sub for posting pedantry.

  • Posts or comments submitted for /r/badlinguistics should show a level of obstinateness for the comments or posts being submitted: Ideally, a case of badlinguistics should be about someone who is just rusted on to their badlinguistics, and is refusing to change their opinion in the face of all other evidence. Preferably this will be on the side of pure bloody-mindedness about the badlinguistics than just the usual refusal of people to listen to anyone else on the internet.

  • Whosever invokes the name of 𝓒𝓗𝓞𝓜𝓢𝓚𝓨𝓓𝓞𝓩 should do so in appropriately typeset form.

Wondering about our flag? Read this.

Need some IPA characters?

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For others, use this handy IPA keyboard.

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