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A place to tell stories of terrible, rude, offensive, dishonest, or deceitful people.. Go on, let it out.


  1. No personal information

  2. Greentext encouraged but not required

  3. No judging submitters or commenters for judging people

  4. Vitriol welcome

  5. Cross-posting welcome ( Remember /r/fatpeoplestories does not allow cross-posts)

  6. The report button is free to use, mod justice will be swift and arbitrary

  7. No signing your comments with a variation of your username

  8. Most of the stories posted in /r/badpeoplestories (and similar subs) are very tongue-in-cheek even if they describe horrible events. But sometimes, the story you choose to tell may be of a more serious nature. Many users come here for a good laugh and to have a fun read. So, if your story is overtly disturbing, tragic, or sad - please mention it in the title. If it's really graphic, tag it as NSFL. Thank you.

Categorize your title with flair according to these guidlines, or make your own.

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