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your #1 source for talk about the mouth feel || an escher illusion painted by frightened spiders

things people say sometimes

Official Rules:

-ω What hence the man to do to the crow? What ought he to do? Ought he to love? To die? To see? To sing? Oh friends, come with me on this journey. Come to the arduous cave and fight the crow and the wildebeest. Doth nothing forget the flee?

0 We don't hate you. We hate your ideations.

1 (a) Reals are feels. (b) Feels are reals

2 Participants and non-participants on this forum can and will be banned by the moderation staff for any reason or non-reason whatsoever. Appeals will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis, unless a moderator decides otherwise. Justice is guaranteed, but your conception of the just is most likely wrong. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, so mote it be. Abrahadabra.

3 This is not a place for learns. Go ask your question on /r/askphilosophy. Chances are one of us will be the one who answers it anyway. And try not to mention /r/badphilosophy. /r/Badphilosophy is not an accurate representation of philosophy as a profession nor reddit's philosophical community.

4 don't fuck with my nugs

5 Streaks on the china, never mattered before, who cares. When you drop-kicked your jacket as you came through the door, no one glared. All hands look out below, theres a change in the status quo. Gonna need all the help that we can get. According to our new arrival, life is more than mere survival. We just might live the good life yet.

6 If it feels like you're going to get banned, you probably are.

27 If your link doesn't end in "?context=X", don't be upset when you get banned.

8 Don't vote in linked threads - Remember, you're only a visitor of Bedlam. Speaking reason with the inmates, though futile, may be entertaining but don't tap on the glass. They are mercurial specimens.

9 Trolley memes are an instant ban. So are non-trolley memes.

9.1 This includes all 4chan-related posts.

10 Stop fucking linking to anything and everything involving Sam Harris or Jordan Peterson. Only link to things about them that are both bad and philosophy.

10.1 For the latter, there's /r/enoughpetersonspam

11 Complaining about being unfairly banned is a retroactive justification for being banned. If this doesn't make sense to you now, it will.

11.1 Asking why you were banned counts as complaining

12 Links to YouTube videos of any talking head ~~demagogues spouting bad philosophy~~ are banned/removed on sight. There are too many to count, linking gives them views, and it fucks up my Recommended queue, assholes.

For more info, read this: On the Purpose of this Subreddit and Asking for Explanations

Official Suggestions:

A. Have an alcoholic beverage within reach while viewing this subreddit.

B. If you're going to crosspost Reddit-born bad philosophy here, try to educate the bad philosopher beforehand. It's rare but they may actually learn something. Otherwise, more bad philosophy to be shared.

C. 1. Stop posting red pandas. It's overdone.

C. 2. Try posting red pandas. They are refreshing every time.

D. There's nothing wrong with a man wanting to be little spoon. And, you know what, I feel sorry for you; you're like... oh, look at me, I'm a man, so manly, I'm always big spoon, like a man! Yeah, ok, well, I'm going to be over here getting to, you know, like... eat cake, watch cool videos, hang out, and be fucking little spoon! I'm not ashamed, it's awesome! Fuck you, man, you don't know me!

E. .np links are useless and annoying, don't use them

F. Someone saying something mean about your religion isn't bad philosophy. Take it to /r/badreligion.

Statement of Purpose:

The Second Neo-Objectivist School of Athens

Biggles Game

Existential Comics Updated Mondays!






Straw Men's Rights

SneerClub: producing hatred of LessWrong and Yudkowsky since 2015

Red Panda Gifs

The National Anthem of /r/badphilosophy


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R.I.P. ThoughtCrusher. We will never forget you.

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