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Baked Art - We <3 Trees

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A place for people to smoke their favorite herb and get creative.

We don't discriminate - all of you are creative in one way or another, but now it's time to share with the rest of us. (1) Load a bowl and spark it, (2) gather together your favorite form of art media, (3) create, (4) post it here at Baked Art.

Keep your comments friently and relevant to the art being posted. If you post another user's personal information, you will be banned indefinitely. If you post another user's artwork without crediting them, you will be banned. If your comments are of an overtly political or offensive nature, they will be deleted. Please give constructive criticism of the art, not the artist, and everything will be good. We are about good vibes here, but if you wear out that welcome, your ass will be shown the door. Thanks

If you are preemptively banned or your submission does not appear, double check with us. We have been getting hit by tons of Porn Spambots recently so the setting may flag you as a Spambot and autodelete your post if you are new or have very few karma points. If you are not a Spambot, let us know and we'll try to clear up the logjam.

Reposts are welcome here, as long as credit is given where due.

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