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BallsDeepAndCumming: For deep creampies

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This is a subreddit for creampies where the guy doesn't hold back. He's not trying to make a pretty creampie for the camera. He's cumming, and pumping, and nothing else matters to him except how good it feels in that moment.


The rules are simple. Creampie gifs and videos are both ok.

Posting Rules:

  • If it's just the tip, don't submit it.
  • If you're posting a video, it's preferred (but not required) that you include the time just prior to the guy cumming in the title.
  • If you have any extra info about a gif you're posting (video link, or pornstar names), make a comment with that info.

Moderation Notes:

  • If I don't think your post is good enough, I will delete it. (Don't take it personally)

  • This sub is about Quality of posts not Quantity of posts

  • If you whine and complain about my moderation style, I might ban you.

  • I'm not watching this sub 24/7, I may not immediately remove spam posts, but I will make an effort to remove them when I see it. (Reporting posts helps)

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