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Memes of the Banking Clan

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What is the Banking Clan?

  • The Intergalactic Banking Clan is an organisation nestled within the heart of the /r/PrequelMemes empire.
  • When small subreddits wish to specialise in a certain field of the /r/PrequelMemes empire, /r/bankingclanmemes can sign treaties with them, meaning that the Muuns will make memes for the smaller subreddit and give it activity and subscribers, but in time the smaller subreddit must repay the banking clan.
  • Through much investing, /r/bankingclanmemes has made a name for itself and has revelled in its profits. The Muuns can push the boat out with style and splendour anytime.

How do I get a treaty?

  • Submit a text post with your subreddit's name in the title, and in the body of the post explain why we should sign your treaty, also give us a link to the subreddit so we can analyse.
  • Things that will boost your chances include a CSS style (always nice), OC, a moderation team, original ideas and a varied amount of users contributing to the subreddit.
  • Contacting us via modmail doesn't tend to get answered.
  • We will consider your treaty in detail, and Muuns will sign it if they believe it to be profitable. Your subreddit must be able to withstand the test of time.


  • Obviously we make OC as well.
  • Sources include the 2003 and 2008 clone wars, as well as 7 seconds of screen time in AOTC.

Treaties Signed

  • /r/PrequelMemes
  • /r/AnimatedStarWarsMemes
  • /r/Chinese_Bootleg_Memes
  • /r/2003CloneWarsMemes
  • /r/TechnoUnionMemes
  • /r/SequelMemes
  • /r/CISDidNothingWrong
  • /r/CISMemes
  • /r/kanjiklubmemes

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