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Memes of the Banking Clan

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Sequel subreddit

I believe in the banks. The system works.


The Banking Clan is a subreddit founded not only to make memes about the banking clan, but to sign treaties with other subreddits. For new prequel meme subreddits which are trying to advertise their ideas and get more activity, r/bankingclanmemes is the right subreddit. If you would like a treaty signed, please submit a text post, telling us the name of your subreddit and what it's about, along with what else you can offer the Muuns in return for a treaty.

We have a seat on the Galactic Senate of the SW meme universe.


This is a list of treaties which have been signed.

  • /r/PrequelMemes
  • /r/SequelMemes
  • /r/TechnoUnionMemes
  • /r/CISDidNothingWrong
  • /r/2003CloneWarsMemes
  • /r/Chinese_Bootleg_Memes
  • /r/CISMemes
  • /r/kanjiklubmemes
  • /r/SequelsMemes


Memes must be related to the banking clan

No anti banking clan propaganda

Take sequel treaties to r/kanjiklubmemes

Do not attempt to sabotage treaties or demand a treaty.

Remain civil.

Enjoy the banking clan! We are a special subreddit in the prequel meme empire.


The moderation team of r/bankingclanmemes may remove any post which does not comply with the rules above at any time without notice. If you find yourself unfairly banned, please contact the moderators and we will review the ban.

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