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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... he also made some dogs, tossed Season 6 Episode 1 of The Office in there, mixed the two together and left them in the oven for about 25 minutes. Here we are now...


  1. Keep it civil. Please refrain from rude, offensive, or otherwise discourteous behaviour.

  2. This is a joke subreddit. Seriously. This is a sub about dogs leaping about all nimbly-bimbly. We don't need to hear about politics, religion, etc.

  3. Dogs only. Cats should be posted to /r/purrkour

  4. Have fun! At the end of the day this is still just a sub for dogs doing parkour. Have fun! :)

  5. Regarding reposts: Make sure to check the New queue and Top to see if your post has already been posted. Reposts of content more than six months old are generally ok. Comments calling out reposts don't help. Please, please report the post in question instead so the moderators can handle it! Reposting of content currently on the front page of the sub will be met with an immediate one-week ban, no exceptions. Repeat offenses will mean a permaban.

  6. Try to credit the source. If you know where a gif or video came from, please try to credit the author.

  7. These rules are strictly enforced. We the mods can and will remove comments and posts that break these rules at our discretion. We will not hesitate to ban users that show a blatant disregard for the rules. If you see a comment or post that violates the rules, please report it!

  8. All dogs are good boys and girls and they love you very much



Friendly dogs and cats and goats (oh my!) parkouring around reddit:

Barkour but with cool cats

Barkour but with gnarly goats

Barkour but with hardcore horses





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