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Baseball (/r/baseball)

>>>#Welcome to r/baseball. If you haven't visited before, please stop by our wiki to read our rules and FAQ before posting. >>>#news rumor opinion analysis trivia image video gif game thread feature notice misleading

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National League Standings

West|Central|East :-:|:-:|:-: ~~94-68~~|~~90-72~~|~~96-66~~ 88-74|~~88-74~~|~~79-83~~ ~~77-85~~|~~82-80~~|~~79-83~~ ~~66-96~~|~~76-86~~|~~77-85~~ ~~64-98~~|~~73-89~~|~~73-89~~

American League Standings

West|Central|East :-:|:-:|:-: ~~98-64~~|~~90-72~~|~~96-66~~ ~~88-74~~|~~89-73~~|~~84-78~~ ~~87-75~~|~~85-77~~|~~83-79~~ ~~70-92~~|~~73-89~~|~~77-85~~ ~~67-95~~|~~70-92~~|~~71-91~~

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